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YourWeddingInGreece is a network of wedding planners, wedding destinations, hotels and venues that offer wedding facilities, photographers specialised in weddings, catering, as well as all the providers that a couple needs in order to make this special day a unique experience. The network promotes Greece as a wedding destination, and its aim is to help by providing useful information to couples who would like to get married in one of the best wedding destinations on earth.

Selecting the perfect location for your dream day is at the top in your list. In the destinations category you will find suggestions for the ideal place as well as descriptions of the best wedding destinations in Greece. Your wedding dreams and event expectations will come true in one of these destinations.

The hotels, also members of Your Wedding in Greece, will help you with their skilled and experienced personnel in wedding ceremonies, as well as in honeymoon ideas. Many couples from around the world, famous or ordinary, have decided to make their wedding in one of them. Many of these hotels boast wonderful gardens and pools, creating a unique backdrop for your weddings.

In case you need a wedding planner, you will find many suggestions in the relevant category. They will assist you manage all the details to ensure your picture perfect wedding day while you submerge yourself in the romance and glory that surrounds this momentous occasion.

It is also important to hire a professional wedding photographer, opposed to hire a non-wedding photographer or worst to let a friend (even) with a good camera do it.

YourWeddingInGreece project participates in wedding exhibitions around the world and we will update our site with details for future wedding exhibitions. We also publish an elegant brochure. See it on the right column.

Last but not least, we are always at your disposal for any further information or assistance, without any obligation from your side! Feel free to contact us any time.

Thank you for choosing Greece, an amazing destination for your dream days!