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Alonissos Island

According to a famous travel show host, daily visits to different beaches never end in Alonissos, even if one stays here for two months’ time. Clear blue waters, organized or non-organized beaches and beautiful places to explore, relax or take summer photos. Agios Demetrius, Kokkinokastro, Leftos Yalos, Megalos Mourtias, Milia and Chrissi Milia are some of Alonissos’ most typical organized beaches. Along the south-eastern coast of the island, there is a variety of beaches for all tastes! If you are looking for sceneries of golden sandy and colourful pebbly beaches or rigid yellowish rocks and reddish cliffs, this is the best place for you. Most of the beaches here are hidden or well – protected in bays and surrounded by pine or olive trees. The north – western coast of the island is rocky and often inaccessible by land because of craggy terrain and steep rocks sinking sharply under the sea. The various small beaches in the northern part of the coast are only accessible by boat. For beaches accessible on foot or by car, visit the southern part of the coast. Nice small beaches are also found along the gulf of Megali Ammos.

Alonissos’ landscape is ideal for day trips and long walks in nature. Enjoy local forests and wildlife; visit the chapels and bays found on the island. And to refresh yourself, have a swim in the crystal blue sea! Enjoy the little things in life, such as watching the sunset from Kalovoulos Mountain, visiting different villages every day, exploring the Old Village or having a swim in Yalia beach!


Furthermore, the sea world has so many new experiences to offer. The largest natural marine park of the Mediterranean Sea is found in Alonissos. Its impressive wildlife and amazing landscape give the feeling of intact natural surroundings. It’s no coincidence that Alonissos is the natural habitat of the Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus Monachus) and other rare wildlife species forming the precious ecosystem of Northern Sporades. Incomparable natural beauty meets ocean myths and legends. Marine archaeology has verified the existence of old shipwrecks of historical interest dating back to the 4th and 5th centuries or the Byzantine period. Since 2011, there are 14 spots in the marine park where diving is allowed , according to the Greek Official Gazette No. 1741/3.8.2011 “Approval of re – delimitation of the marine archaeological site of Northern Sporades & Alonissos”. Experienced and properly trained professionals provide all support and services necessary for a magnificent scuba – diving experience.

The local picturesque villages fascinate all visitors. Traditional architecture blends beautifully with natural surroundings and local hospitality. The Old Village of Alonissos is a tangle of narrow streets and steep stairs; local stone – built houses are surrounded by climbing vines and flower gardens. Located in a privileged part of the island, the view from the Old Village is amazing. Visitors can enjoy the view over a large part of the landscape, as well as the sea surrounding the island from both sides. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the view from local taverns and cafes that are open all day long in summertime. The Old Village (Chora) used to be the capital of the island; nowadays, it’s a place with remarkable architectural monuments, such as the medieval castle overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Steni Vala is a fishing village in the south – eastern part of the island, about 10km from Patitiri. The road leading to the village goes through thick pine forests and olive groves with stunning view over the creeks of the south – eastern coast. Enjoy the panoramic view over the sea and the neighboring uninhabited islands walking your way down to the beach.

Last but not least, picturesque churches and beautiful chapels within lovely natural surroundings make up the perfect scenery for honeymooners or couples looking for an idyllic place to renew their wedding vows or celebrate their wedding anniversary.

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How to come to Alonissos island

From Athens:
Internal flight from Athens airport to Skiathos.

From Athens:
To access the island of Alonissos from Athens by ferry, you have to reach the port of Agios Konstantinos (165 km).
Travel time is approx. 5 1/2 hours by ferry and by catamaran is 3 1/2 hours.

From Athens:
To access the island of Alonissos from Athens by ferry you have to reach the port of Kymi (approx. 148 km).
Travel time is 2 1/2 hours by ferry. The ferry runs from mid June until mid September.

From Skiathos: – Skiathos Airport “Alexandros Papadiamantis”
From the port of Skiathos, travel time is around 3 hours by ferry and 1 1/2 hours by catamaran.

From Volos:
Nea Anchialos National Airport (Volos) is connected to the city of Volos by the Magnesia Intercity Bus ( Taxis are also available outside the terminal.
From the port of Volos, travel time by ferry is approximately 5 1/2 hours and by catamaran is 3,5 hours.