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G&M Weddings Crete, has been developed in 1960 and became the first wedding and baptism supplies business in Chania, Crete.

Thanks to professionalism that characterizes us and love for our profession, our company has managed to withstand the passage of time and to make a continuous evolving and successful career in the field of Marriage and Baptism items.

Our business is family owned and in the fullness of time the older family members give the baton Management to younger members of which enrich the company constantly with new and innovative ideas.

Our successful course in wedding services is characterized by the excellent organization of the day celebration of mystery as we treat each customer as a close friend. Thus, our main concern is to ensure that this day will be the happiest of his life, and nothing will overshadow it.

We address not only to residents of Crete or Chania but in any couple wishing to have a Crete wedding in an idyllic place sparkling under the bright sunlight and coloured by the deep blue sea such as Chania.

For the convenience of our customers we have created three (3) packages, for weddings in Crete, tailored to any customer’s financial statement and aim to get rid of all tedious and strenuous procedures that would discomfort the newlywed couple.

We are happy to listen to your requests and satisfy your every requirement in order to make the wedding of your dreams in Chania by the sea.


We are at your disposal to listen to your desires and satisfy every your requirement in order to make your dream wedding in Chania.

All you need to do is to decide having your wedding in Chania,Crete… For all the rest we will take care of you.

Our guarantee is our long successful presence in Crete weddings and the number of our satisfied customers.

About Crete!

Crete!! The island where the father of the gods Zeus was born. The largest island of Greece that marked the ancient Greek history with the Minoan civilization.

Many myths and legends attached to the name. Who has not heard the story of Zeus fell in love Europe! For the sake of her, he changed into white Bull. Europe charmed with the beauty of the white bull and swept away with him to Crete!

Who has not been fascinated by the love of Theseus and Ariadne, which helped him kill the Minotaur!

Fantastic stories full of love that you can feel traveling to exotic places of the island and speaking with its hospitable and proud inhabitants.

Joining them you will enjoy the wonderful music that is heard in every Cretan corner and stem through the soul of the Cretan people praising love and affection.

One of the most beautiful cities of the island is the beautiful Chania with the small Venetian harbor and the quaint lighthouse standing alert watchman.

Chania is a dreamy place that makes you want to explore it and through the timeless attractions invites you to take part in the dance of the historical events that created them.


From antiquity until today Minoans, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Venetians, Turks, Egyptians and Jews crossed the island of Zeus leaving their architectural imprints which challenge you to discover!

The narrow streets of the old town and the beautiful neighborhoods fill up your senses with fragrances and colors and enjoying your coffee in the lovely port you will feel the love you revitalized.

The wonderful beaches of the prefecture with its enchanting sunsets seduce you and make you to travel in untrodden paths of mind and soul!!!

And as the sirens charmed Odysseus so the unforgettable Chania enchant all visitors who never forget and go back to them every time!

Facilities & Services

If you have not assigned your arrival in some tourist office then our company is able to provide you with the following services:

– Pick-up from the airport and transfer to hotel.
– Available person for the whole day, if required.
– Rent a car/bus capacity 18 persons or a mini bus.
– Organizing traditional Cretan evening.
– Preparation or catering wedding receptions in pool bar or five star (5 *****) hotel, depending on the customer’s wishes.
– Rent a boat for a cruise in the Bay of Souda.
– We delegate the photography in the Church/Town Hall and at the table to a professional photographer. Included outdoor photography.
– Provision of Video Recording.
– Rent a boat for a cruise in the Bay of Souda.

Hotel accommodation choice.

We can afford to provide the bridal, the bonbonniere and the decoration of the Church and car.

If the marriage is a politician then it may become the morning at City Hall, and later make a redo of wedding on board or at the hotel.

If marriage is orthodox then held at a church and then will follow the wedding table.

As the purpose of our company is the flawless planning and execution of a wedding that will satisfy even the most demanding requirements of our client, we are available for any additional facility he wishes.

G&M Weddings

Chania, Crete, Greece


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