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Meandros Boutique & Spa Hotel

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Meandros logoMeandros Boutique & Spa is a small, cozy adult’s only hotel, located in the famous Greek island Zakynthos, in the resort of Kalamaki.

Our company has established our hallmark of “hospitality from the heart” over four decades in the island of Zakynthos.

We specialize within the hospitality arena, by offering quality and personalized experiences.

Our properties offer value for money services, combined with a deeply instilled ethic of personal care.

Doing so, allows us to satisfy the needs and tastes of our discriminating customers, and to maintain our position as one of the leading hotel chains in Zakynthos island.

Meandros boutique & Spa has been modernly designed to present the ancient Greek hospitality into nowadays, with wall mural representations of Greek Gods and Goddesses, combined with touches of Greek elements and minimalistic decor, creating a relaxing adults only experience.

Each of the contemporary 48 spacious rooms, feature modern facilities, consisting of 11 premium private pool rooms, 3 premium rooms with private Jacuzzi, 11 suites and 21 premium rooms with unique character. A 5* boutique hotel that balances details from the past with playful public spaces, proves that the new rules of chic are simplicity with a clean and modern sense of ease.

With a vision of extending the value of hospitality, we are proud to introduce our new wedding venues to our guests and partners for the summer season of 2019. The team at Meandros Boutique & Spa, ticks all the boxes to ensure any big day is planned without a hitch. We organize everything, from wedding ceremonies, receptions, couple spa treatments, bridal hair and make-up, planning and paperwork, photography – videography, entertainment, exclusively at our romantic locations.


Inspired by the ancient Greek spirit, with summer weather and the opportunity to be outdoors on the horizon, we offer elegant venues for our guests.

Combining the traditional elements of olive trees, we present the inspiring ‘Open Air Garden’ by Meandros Boutique & Spa, as the backdrop for an intimate wedding gathering, sunset ceremony or moonlit reception.


The ‘Holy Trinity’ chapel by Meandros Boutique & Spa, situated in the hotel premises, will add a unique Greek element our guest’s wedding experience, making their wedding a ritual to remember under the sound of the bells.


‘Rosto Rooftop Pool’ by Diana Hotel, is the perfect venue to experience the most memorable wedding reception, right below the stars.. Our guests will have the exclusive option to enjoy complete privacy and the stunning panoramic sea & city views, which are the perfect spot for a special wedding day. Beautiful sky colors above the Ionian Sea make the perfect atmosphere to host a special wedding ceremony and cocktail reception with glamour, style and endless romance.



We offer a variety of packages to select from, or you can customize your own. Our wedding packages and personalized planning ensure a memorable experience, organized with professionalism. Whatever the preference is, from Civil or Catholic weddings, Vow Renewals, Neutral Religious Weddings, Same Sex Blessings, Traditional Greek weddings, we can offer our guests options with attention to detail.

“Pothos” package introduces you to the ‘The Greek God of yearning & desire’. With this package our guests will get a symbolic wedding ceremony, but at the same time they will have the option to choose from a range of additional features to enrich their wedding experience.

“Aphrodite” package introduces you to ‘The Greek Goddess of sexual love & beauty’. This package is ideal for guests who love beautiful decoration, based on the spirit of the Greek Goddesses of love and beauty, with pure and soft touches. In addition, ‘’Aphrodite’’ offers Greek traditional weddings crowns for the couple, making the wedding more emblematic, based on the Greek tradition.

“Eros” package introduces you to ‘The Greek God of love and attraction’. This package includes everything, from wedding day planning, to special gifts for the couple, romantic private course dinning by the swimming pool or private in-room splash pool. Eros is perfect for couples who love to be spoiled with touches of luxury and glamour on their special wedding day and their stay in the hotel overall.

| Exclusively at Rosto Rooftop|

“Aeolus” package introduces you to ‘The Greek God, who was the divine keeper of the winds’. Aeolus is the ideal package for guests who love to share their special moments under the complete privacy of the fourth floor roof top, with a chic and elegant style, combining candle and flower pool decoration under the soft lights. We are proud to offer unique ceremonies, blessings and unique cocktail wedding receptions with signature recipes from our executive chef Christos Zervas.

The family of Diana Group Hotels invites you to share your wedding journey with us, and our team will be here to guide your every step along this journey.


Meandros Boutique & Spa Hotel

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Contact Person: Katerina Margari
Sales & Marketing

T: +30 26950 23070
F: +30 26950 27949
E: [email protected]

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