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Spicy Bites Catering

Wedding Party flavors that reflect your personality!

Spicy Bites Catering logo x180Santorini will provide the natural beauty and Spicy Bites Catering will offer the greatest taste.

Having a really good time is an unpretentious business…

In fact, making sure your guests will have the best time ever, demands careful planning down to the last detail so that the whole event or party has your personal touch. This is the core principle Spicy Bites Catering believes in.

Meeting your highest expectations through an original, innovative and unforgettable experience in Santorini, is what we specialize in.

It is for that reason that we tastefully transform spaces so that they carry your own stylish, eclectic, colorful hint.

Accordingly, we adapt our menus – clearly inspired by the local specialties of the island – to your own special preferences and needs so your guests will enjoy elegant food, not same old boring “catering” food…

In this way, we offer your guests gastronomic, highly quality finger food…

All of the above, plus the friendliest staff, big smiles and personal care down to the last detail as if you had prepared everything by yourselves, make your parties big hits!



Indoor & Outdoor Catering
Spice Bites Catering delight is as intense indoors as it is outdoors, by the light of candles, in the sunlight or in the dim light of stars. In other words, our catering services adapt to your own specific mood. All we ask, is that you give us enough time to prepare down to the last detail your own unique tailor-made event.

Cocktails — Lounge Parties
Weddings, baptisms, birthdays, name days, anniversaries, opening parties… Whenever the occasion asks for a celebration or you need to throw a party, Spicy Bites caters for the souls of the party, fueling festive celebrations.

Coffee Breaks
Conferences, presentations, business meetings… You sure need a well prepared Spicy Bites Catering break with hot coffee, freshly squeezed juices, tasty sandwiches and countless other delicacies, to be able to keep on…

Private dinners
At your own balcony or terrace, on a fishing boat at the sunset or in a private space wherever in Santorini for just a few special guests, our private dinners are hard to forget…

Half and full board service
Ηalf or full board services for hotels and villas.

Spicy Bites Catering

Spicy Bites Catering logo x180

Santorini 84700, Cyclades

T: +30 22860 81089
M: +30 694 4948225
E: [email protected]