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There are hundreds of places around the world to choose from when planning a destination wedding, most of them guaranteeing a magical, successful and happy occasion. What Monemvasia has to offer, however, is unique. A medieval fortress town with cobbled lanes once the haunt of emperors and princesses, all with a view of the Aegean […]



Get married in Athens the capital of Greece, the oldest capital of Europe. It has been inhabited since at least 1.300 BC, and its fortunes have varied hugely until the present day. It grew into the greatest centre of classical Greece, sank into the status of a Roman backwater, declined into a mere muddy village […]



Santorini island boasts incredible hotels perfectly suited on the islands’ cliff side and not only, to host your dream wedding. The view of the volcano offers you the perfect surrounding for your pictures, an ambiance that will never be forgotten. The island of Santorini situated in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200km southeast of Greece’s […]

SunSet over Hersonissos


Hersonissos Municipality (Episkopi, Gouves, Hersonissos and Malia) is a very popular tourism destination on Crete and among the most attractive wedding destinations in Greece. Combine your holidays with your wedding ceremony to enjoy the warmth of the local people and hidden scents, as well as the serenity of nature. Sport activities are available to satisfy […]


Mt. Athos Area (Halkidiki)

Organize your wedding to Mount Athos Area (Halkidiki / Greece) and enjoy its every magical moment to the most absolute wedding destination! Fulfill your dream here and be sure that the memory of life’s sweetest day will follow you forever! At the hotels’ chapels, the wonderful churches of traditional settlements, the grandiose Metropolitan Church, to […]



Elafonisos Island is located at the southeast of Peloponnese. Elafonisos is one of the most popular destinations of Laconia due to its tropical unspoiled beaches with turquoise-blue crystal waters, the unique nature monuments and the underwater archaeological discoveries. Elafonisos is an original fishing island known for its special cuisine with traditional recipes based on seafood and […]


Alonissos Island

According to a famous travel show host, daily visits to different beaches never end in Alonissos, even if one stays here for two months’ time. Clear blue waters, organized or non-organized beaches and beautiful places to explore, relax or take summer photos. Agios Demetrius, Kokkinokastro, Leftos Yalos, Megalos Mourtias, Milia and Chrissi Milia are some […]