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Villa Faros Estate

Villa Faros Estate logoOnce upon a time a beautiful island, a daughter of the Sun, was born and it was named “Lesvos”. Adorned with cute villages, each of them with its signature personality, the revered hot springs, reminiscences of its volcanic past, the unique Petrified Forest, industrial architecture sights (soap factories, tanneries, olive presses etc), the pebbled and sandy beaches where the water is particularly inviting, Lesvos became the diamond of the Aegean, a true princess.

In a breath of a sea breeze you will be whisked away to our hotel’s tranquil environment and you will nourish yourself with our own meaning of beauty. The ambience will immediately embrace you in the luxury of pure serenity penetrating our slice of paradise. This kaleidoscope of senses is woven of uninterrupted sea views to the Aegean Archipelago, culinary surprises, cultural acclimatization, sun-lighted moments of relaxation, decadent and self-indulging spa treatments, and moments of exclusivity in your own lavish seafront.

Villa Faros is perched atop a blooming hill in the edge of a sublime peninsula that overlooks the Aegean Sea. Located at the edge of a private 150 acre estate, adorned with a multitude of olive and pomegranate trees, groves, orchards, fruit and vegetable gardens, our retreat is like “an island on the island of Lesvos.


Immerse yourself in the gustatory paradise of Lesvos by partaking in a cooking class through which you will get acquainted with traditional recipes and you will use the fruits and the freshest home grown products of the estate that you will have handpicked shortly before turning on the stoves and ovens. Hospitality means for us handmade luxury and that’s why we invite you as your endearing “home away from home” to participate in the nurturing and harvesting procedures of our estate.

For us the unimaginable is conciergable which means that we can accommodate for you any wish you may have or any activity you would like to experience. Our team waits for you on hand and foot to personalize your stay and color it in accordance with your own tastes and predilections.

All these qualities will serve as the perfect backdrop for your “I do” story.

Being the homeland of the ancient poet of love, Sappho, Lesvos invites you to surrender to your senses in an unmatched natural scenery and treasure your wedding moments forever.

Villa Faros Estate

Villa Faros Estate logo

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